SPRING SPECIAL One minute of video production $499. Call for details on this 50% off limited time offer

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Spring Special! One minute of video production for $499.

Rent the studio for $75 per hour and we will give you access to use our 1200 square foot Live Room. A separate make-up/green room to get ready in along with small kitchenette and not to mention plenty of parking. If you need Netblast Media to help you shoot with our cameras, record the audio, edit the project, add special effects, make you a rockstar well we can do all of that. Each one of those services has an a la carte rate and we would love to help you with your production in anyway. NetBlast Media's production facility was designed and constructed from the ground up and is equipped to produce any high definition video and audio project. Our relationships with other successful production companies thrive on the simple fact that we provide services and a state-of-the-art facility that is unrivaled. Whether it is a commercial production shot on-location, or a video shoot produced in-house on Long Island's largest two-wall cyclorama green screen, our clients will receive the highest quality presentation for their project, special event or business.

This private and exclusive studio can also provide an incredible audio and visual experience for any band to showcase and stream live to their fan club anywhere in the world.

NBM's TV SHOW "Industry POV" has created a platform for CEO's and seasoned Industry icons to entertain and educate consumers. This show will take you up close and personal with trend setting industry leaders providing you with a professional point of view. Industry POV provides a wide variety of Industry News & Entertainment delivered to users' desktops, tablets, and smart phones. In addition, we provides advertisers, entertainers and talented professionals a way to expand their reach like never before.

Netblast Media also develops products and content that will allow foundations to raise money, while promoting interactive health and well-being of children around the world. We are currently working with non- for-profit organizations and schools to make a lasting difference in the lives of children, their families and our communities.

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